S. Vijay

S. Vijay

Life of despair:

My name is S.Vijay.  I belong to a very poor family.    My family’s economy compelled me to discontinue my studies before I could complete VI standard during the year 2011-2012. In order to help my mother, I started working as a sales person.


At this juncture I was identified by the supervisor and Block Resource Teacher Educator of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) during their survey in our area.  They gave counseling to me and my mother, and explained the significance of education to us.  As we both were convinced and got interested in continuing my education, they admitted me in Std VI in the special training centre (NRSTC) at Adhi Dravidar Welfare Primary School (ADWPS) (DISE code: 33151004601)  campus in Milaguparai, Trichy District.

My Guru

I must mention here the earnest efforts of the Educational Volunteer Mrs. Uma who took special care of me and encouraged me to involve in studies.  So I gradually got interest in studies and started learning to read and write. She also taught me painting as well as making handicrafts.  After the completion of special training, I was enrolled in Adhi Dravidar Welfare Higher Secondary School, Milaguparai (DISE code: 33151004602).

My Achievement and Gratitude

I regularly attended the school and now I have completed X standard successfully  scoring 294 marks.  The special training given to me  was very much helpful to me and I am happy  to extend  my thanks  to all the SSA Staff  and Educational Volunteer (EV) who guided me to lead my life  in the right path towards a bright future.


Jalaja kumari

Jalaja kumari

I am Jalaja kumari working as a Headmistress in GMS.Chittar (UDISE No. 33300700604).  Sree Vishnu karthik’s family was residing near our school and were very poor.  Even then they send their elder son Sree Vishnu Karthick to “Bharath Primary School” at Pechipparai.  He was studying in II Std.  Since they were unable to pay the monthly fees in the school, so he stopped going to school and stayed at home.  He used to come to the shop nearby our school and one day I asked him why he was not going to school.  The boy replied that his parents were unable to pay the fees, so he stopped going to school.

I informed this to the BRTEs who came for the survey.  Along with the BRTEs, I went to Sree Vishnu Karthick’s  home and talked to his parents.  His mother said,  “since we were not educated  we want our son to be educated in English medium school”.

We told the parents that in GMS Chittar we follow English medium and advised them to enroll their child. They happily admitted their child in our school.  Now he is very happy and comes to school regularly.  Special coaching is being given through NRSTC centre.  Now he studies well.  His parents are also very happy because the boy studies well without paying any school fees and van fees. They also enrolled their younger son Vino Karthi in I Std. His parents frequently come to the school and enquire about their  children’s achievement.

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