Postcard Campaign on Badi Runam Thirchukundam,Andhra Pradesh (SSAC10836)

SMC Capacity Building through role play,Gujarat (SSAC10676)

Best SMC,Gujarat (SSAC10650)

Initiatives of school teachers to encourage community participation in Ajepur, Maharashtra (SSAC10300)

A State Level Workshop on ‘Making Schools Accessible to CWSN’, Gujarat (SSAC10294)

A state level initiative to cultivate advocacy for accessibility in terms of infrastructure for CWSN children in schools, Gujarat (SSAC10290)

SMC Social Audit, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV9980)

Nibha Bhari SMC, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV9979)

KISHUNPUR SMC, Uttar Pradesh (SSAV9977)

SMC Meeting in Gujarat (SSAV5717)