As part of project SATH’s ongoing efforts to identify and diagnose educational challenges, Jharkhand conducted a state-wide Teacher Needs Assessment...


Training of teachers and students through EDUSAT, Tamil Nadu (SSAC10571)

Special initiatives taken to improve quality education, Tripura (SSAV10337)

Workshop for Master Resource Persons on ‘Theatre Arts in Integral Education’, Puducherry (SSAC9251)

Telagana Repository of Open Educational Resources (TROER) (SSAC9247)

Public Education on revival path in Kerala (SSAV9145)

Teacher Resource Labs (TRL) in Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh (SSAC7368)

Success Stories & Best Practices of SSA Tripura, 2016-17 (SSAC7301)

State Initiatives for Quality Education, Tripura (SSAC7281)

School Leadership Development Programme for Head Teachers, Puducherry (SSAV7225)

‘Pragat Shaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM)’ – Teachers Training on Demand (SSAC7207)

The Maharashtra State Government has declared a new policy i.e. Pragat Shaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM) programme to bring quality in school education an...

Training of in-service teachers on Learning Disabilities and Curriculum Adaptations, Chandigarh (SSAC6911)

Teacher Performance in Bihar (SSAC6812)

Baseline Study of Government Teacher Education Institutions in Bihar (SSAC6809)

To improve the quality of teachers in the State of Bihar, World Bank has agreed to support Government teacher education institutions in Bihar. This su...

Training to the Untrained Elementary Teachers, Arunachal Pradesh (SSAC6741)

Training programme on innovative teaching methods for Science Teachers – Manipur (SSAC6675)

The State of Manipur has organised a Training Programme for 315 Science Teachers on 'Innovative Teaching Methods' in collaboration with Royal Society...

Tech-savvy Teachers movement in Maharashtra (SSAV5884)

An overview of SSA implementation in Mizoram (SSAV5835)


SSA in Arunachal Pradesh – Educating today, shaping tomorrow (SSAV5663)

Elementary Teachers Trainings 2016-17, Jammu & Kashmir (SSAV5665)

Motivational video for the newly appointed teachers, Andhra Pradesh (SSAV5658)