Kalaiyarasi, Secondary Grade Teacher

Kalaiyarasi, Secondary Grade Teacher


“Young children tend to learn their mother tongue mostly through interaction and imitation. Young ones, nowadays, learn more from the screen than from their teachers. Since I am working in a two-teacher school, I have to plan the activities to cater to the needs of a multi-grade class. I used to play videos and audios to engage students in group during class hours and lunch break along with other activities.

. ‘Thayenapaduvathu Tamil’ video songs are all-time favorites for my students. My school is located near the local bus stop. When we play these songs, our students will start to sing and dance along with the songs. This attracted even the public”.

“My students in first standard are also capable of singing poems of 5th standard since they are watching these videos in a group. When we conduct cultural programs, students take up these songs for stage performance. When I teach these poems, students are able to pronounce the words with proper stress and pause and the way they sang, they internalize the meaning of the songs and reproduce them easily without spelling mistakes. Thus, my burden is reduced to a great level” Kalaiyarasi’s classroom is thoroughly enjoying these video songs, like all the primary classrooms in Tamil Nadu schools.

State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Tamil Nadu, through its Tamil Language cell has taken this innovative initiative of producing these DVDs which includes all the poems in the Tamil Book from standards 1 upto 5. Girls and boys from Government schools were trained to sing these poems, in a natural setting giving life to the theme of the song at the back drop. Each song came alive on the screen with the joyful expression of young children, thereby providing an opportunity for fun filled learning. Over 35,000 copies of DVDs have been distributed to all the primary schools in Tamil Nadu. These 40 Tamil video clips available in the You Tube channel maintained by SCERT have been viewed by more than 4 lakh Tamil enthusiasts across the globe.

SCERT You tube channel link for these Tamil video songs: