Tuesday, 1st Dec 2020

GOVT MODEL HIGH SCHOOL 20 D CHANDIGARH (CLUSTER NO – 7) Details of case History:-  Name                             :         Kundan Tiwari Father Name                   :         Sanjay Tiwari Mother Name                 :         Madhu Devi DOB                              :         06/06/2006 Year of Admission         :        2012 S.T.T                             :         Mrs. Nitasha Introduction :–Kundan Tiwari is a 11th class student who is working very hard to…Read More


LUCY PANGGENG - East Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh

Tuesday, 1st Dec 2020

Lucy Panggeng is from Mirem Village. She is the daughter of Lt. Bahadur Panggeng. Her mother is a farmer. Ms. Lucy have one elder brother and a sister (her twin sister who also studies in our school). Ms. Lucy is average in studies but she is very good in Sport. She has participated in state…Read More


OSHI YORCHI - East Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh

Tuesday, 1st Dec 2020

Oshi yorchi is a very self-discipline, Diligent, punctual and responsible student. She is very good at studies. She loves to participate in school literary competitions. She is good at dancing and drawing. she is the daughter of Mr. Tanyo Yorchi and Smty. Yari Yorchi. She lives in Kaying Village, Siang dist. Arunachal Pradesh. The rood…Read More

Hafeefa. P. P

Hafeefa. P. P - G. L. P. S. Paithotth

Wednesday, 18th Nov 2020

I am a Practicing Teacher in Preschool Education.  Samagra Shiksha Kerala has implemented various schemes to strengthen Preschool Education. During 2019-20, SSK had introduced a Twinning Program, which helped to understand the best practices in Preschool Education.  This program has helped to empower the academic activities and improvise the academic excellence of preschooling education with…Read More